The Immigrant's Grandson

This generational epic follows Virgil and his new wife, Anna, from Eastern Russia to Ohio. There, the entire family struggles through the Great Depression giving them a new life and purpose. In 1932, the immigrants’ grandson, Howard Virgil Savage, enters a world of strife, poverty and hopelessness, but grows into an accomplished man as a leader in NASA’s endeavor to send men from the Earth to the moon.

Vern Turner is a world traveler, scientist and industrial engineer specializing in automation, robotics and sophisticated electro-chemical processes. He holds a BS in Zoology and Chemistry and a MS in Biology, having taught anatomy, science and language arts in post-secondary and secondary schools, and serving as a combat medic in the National Guard. Writing op eds for the River Cities Daily Tribune, many of his columns still appear in The Oklahoma Observer. He is the author of six non-fiction works and five published novels. He is also a Savant editor and proofreader as well as an aspiring screenwriter.
”This truly and uniquely American saga combines some of my family’s history as well as those incredible periods from our nation’s travails and monumental achievements,” says Turner.

“THE IMMIGRANT’S GRANDSON reflects similar sagas from millions of present-day American families who built, fought for and loved this country.”