When writing to save a system that is supposed to enhance the lives of our most precious resource, our children, metaphors simply gain the attention of readers. Saving the Seed Corn: A Memoir by an Educator for Educators and Parents is an impassioned and detailed message to every citizen. If we allow irresponsible politicians to continue eroding away our most sacred foundation of family and community values, we will no longer be a viable nation that leads the world in democracy or citizenship.

Learn the history of public schools from the beginning of our nation. Learn about the idealism of our founders and the founders of the Jeffersonian concept of educating the masses. Understand how professional educators view excessive testing and its stepchild, dumbed-down curriculum. Then, experience what a teacher’s day-to-day experiences are like through a series of compelling and joy-filled anecdotes from twelve years of teaching children from grade six to twelve.

You will discover the net result of parenting and politics as seen through the eyes of a caring, knowledgeable teacher.