Editing Services

Vern Turner

Savant Books and Publications' newest editor

Vern Turner has been writing and editing since high school in Ohio. He’s written and edited general essays, scientific articles, treatises and theses. His editing experience also includes published novels written by friends and acquaintances. Vern has been an avid reader of everything since he was old enough to hold a book. His favorite genres these days include historical fiction, military fiction and history, action/adventure, solid, plot-driven crime, non-fiction politics and science-based books emphasizing the necessities for saving our planet.

Over the years, Vern Turner has been an industrial engineer, educator and world traveler. He’s spent time in Great Britain, Ecuador, China, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Tanzania (He climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro) and Uganda. The melding of his careers, travels and military service allows him to write and edit from a very broad base of topical information.

In addition to his work with Savant Books, Vern also works as a freelance editor. Please follow the contact link below if you are interested in finding out more about his editing services.