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The Foursome: A Love Story

Millionaire golfer, Bill Bannock, was growing weary of living the high life until one day a lanky, brown-skinned girl caddy came into his life. Alice Morgan, the witty, charming golf prodigy flips his life on its head. Not only with her amazing golf talents but also by introducing Bill to her mother, Gerry.

Has Bill found true love, true purpose for the first time? He feels head over heels for her. She becomes the muse and soul mate he longs for, but one problem persists…

They are a mixed-race couple, and in 1960s-70s American society, this is mostly unacceptable.

The Foursome – A Love Story is heart-pounding, hard-hitting journey through interracial strife, love and adventure. The Foursome is a story about how things should be.