Sonya Keller Series

The Ten Arms of Durga

A beautiful woman and her equally beautiful teenage daughter are subjected to horrifying experiences by a drug-addled husband and father. He serves them up as sexual favors to pay his drug suppliers for providing the mind and soul destroying chemicals that transformed Crummy Keller into an amoral monster, wife-beater and all-round evil doer. This horrifying event plus the previous regular physical and mental abuse, finally drove Erica Keller, and her daughter Sonya, to flee for their lives. What follows is the metamorphosis of the daughter into a super athletic woman who learns the crafts and skills of a samurai warrior to avenge herself and her mother’s shame.
Sonya Keller becomes the embodiment of the Hindu goddess, Durga.

Demon Slayer continues the saga of Sonya Keller, an extraordinary person with physical skills and strength of purpose that are rarer still. In earlier times Sonya was forced to endure unspeakable humiliation and debasement by none other than her own, desperately addicted father. From those ashes of the being a victim of gut-wrenching human depravity, she rose up like a Phoenix to become an exceptional woman in every way.

The continuation of that story describes, in vivid detail, Sonya’s reconstitution of her new life centered around education, making real friends and eventually finding her way into the comfort and safety of real love and spectacular athletic success known to fewer still.

Sonya Penske, nee Keller is a world class track and field athlete headed for the Olympic Games in Johannesburg, South Africa. As is fitting for her power, poise and skills, she sets the sports world on its head with five gold medals and five world records.

The stage is set for Sonya to pursue a national career fitting of her national and international fame and recognition. But the scourge of poverty, guns, drugs and crime still haunts her life as both she and her best friend, Felicia Settles become gunshot victims by deranged racists.

Follow this latest adventure as the most extraordinary athlete, citizen and crime fighter launches herself into the politics and social policy enactments that propel her into the office of a United States Senator. Her duty and contribution to society and country earn her the highest civilian award her nation can bestow, The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Sonya Penske is truly a medalist for the ages and will forever be described as such in history, written and unwritten.